Astrid Williamson - World Cafe Live, 3/06/08

Astrid Williamson played World Cafe Live in the upstairs venue this evening, treating the small audience who were lucky enough to know about the show to a beautifully sung and played set of songs from her three CDs. Having previously only heard the songs available on her myspace player, it was quite nice to hear many songs for the first time live. Astrid sang and played acoustic guitar and piano, accompanied by Dan Burke who added some tasty electric guitar with some especially beautiful lead work on Astrid's softer songs.

Astrid travelled a very long way from the Shetland Islands to play here in the states; the Shetland Islands are located mid-ocean between Norway and Scotland. The Scottish aspect of Shetlands history can be clearly heard in Astrid's lovely accent. Astrid's songwriting craft is immediately evident, even on first listen to her songs. She brought her three CDs to sell at the show, and I look forward to getting to know them all. Watch her myspace page for tour dates, and when she comes to your town, your time could not be better spent than to come out for the show.

Listen to "Amarylis" from Day of the Lone Wolf

Day of the Lone Wolf (2006)

Astrid (2003)

Boy For You (1998)

Astrid Williamson's myspace.
Astrid Williamson's website.


Anonymous said…
Couldn't agree w/ you more -- a great show. Nice pics!

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