John Fogerty - The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again (2009)

The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again

I've been listening to John Fogerty ever since one summer day in 1968 when I first heard Suzie-Q by Creedence Clearwater Revival on the radio. Fogerty’s run with Creedence was second only to the Beatles in terms of the number of hit singles and albums he had within a five-year period. He has slowed down somewhat in his solo career, but he is still a huge talent and an American icon. After Creedence, Fogerty's first solo project was an album called The Blue Ridge Rangers on which he did nothing but covers of some of his favorite country songs.

Now, 35 years later, Fogerty has revisited the concept and recorded The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again. This time he invited some of his favorite musicians to play with him, plus guest vocals by Don Henley and Timothy B. Schmidt of the Eagles and Bruce Springsteen. In the following video, Fogerty talks about the making of this album and how he came to have the guests appear with him.

Greg Leisz played some really amazing pedal steel guitar on nearly every track, and his excellence was matched song for song by Jason Mowery on fiddle. Fogerty more than holds his own with some nice country style guitar leads. One thing is certain, Fogerty was having the time of his life making this record, and you can partake in the fun just by listening.

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