New Swing Out Sister Song & Video, Watch "Chuo Freeway", Plus Private View, Studio CD Special Package Includes Live DVD, Tokyo Stories (2013)

Saturday Video:  Jazz/pop-meisters Swing Out Sister just debuted a brand new track via Youtube video. In the last half year or so, Swing Out Sister has embraced social media with Facebook and Twitter accounts for the group and for founding members Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell. Andy has been very active and it turns out that he is a big sports fan, including American football (who knew?).

In addition to topical commentary, Andy often posts highly interesting music clips and videos. It's a treat for the audience when an artist does their own social media, rather than leave it to a publicist as many do. Andy has been making the most of social media, like posting this new track, "Chuo Freeway" with the following, from Facebook.

New Swing Out Sister track!
"A somewhat longer clip of the song we covered for the Yumi Arai tribute album, just released on Sony Japan. Still missing the faux-orchestral intro, which is my favourite bit, but gives more of a sense of the song I think.." - Andy

Personnel on the track is Corinne Drewery - lead vocal, Andy Connell - keyboards, Tim Cansfield - guitar, Jody Linscott - congas/percussion, and George Hart - drums.

Photos courtesy of Swing Out Sister

Private View (Special Deluxe CD + DVD)

While Swing Out Sister has a solid and loyal following in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and their native England, they are huge in Japan, so it follows that when it came time to do a live DVD, they recorded it in Japan. Tokyo Stories is a beautiful DVD. There's a concert by the "acoustic" Swing Out Sister which has been their configuration for about the past five years. There are some nice shots of Tokyo interspersed with the concert, and some really worthwhile extras. When it was released late last year, it cost about $30 U.S.

Swing Out Sister also released a new album last year called Private View and it has new arrangements of some great Swing Out Sister songs, arrangements that are more consistent with the way that the band plays them now, full description follows. The great news for fans in the U.S. is that after years of spotty releases and expensive imports, Private View has been released here on Shanachie in a deluxe edition that includes the Tokyo Stories DVD for a price that is currently under $20. Here's the full description from the label.

To celebrate 25 years of success with their unmatched fusion of jazz and pop, Swing Out Sister decided to look back to their past without melancholy or nostalgia. They do look at the future proud and happy about their 25 years of joyful relationship with their audience and fans.

"Private View" includes beautiful new recordings from the band's biggest hits and classic songs in a new jazzier treatment. Songs like 'La La Means I Love You', 'Am I The Same Girl?' or 'Notgonnachange' are not missing just as little as the band's biggest hits 'Breakout' and 'You On My Mind' now being completely new arranged. Listeners can witness the songs as instrumental versions, remixes or pure jazz versions.

Especially in Japan Swing Out Sister achieved great reputation with having played countless sold out shows. Their song 'Now You're Not Here' has been chosen to be the soundtrack of a famous Japanese TV series. Moreover, Swing Out Sister has been honoured with the Japanese Grand-Prix- Award in 1997 for being the best foreign band.

No surprise that the live concert of the bonus DVD has been filmed live at Billboard Live Tokyo in 2010. "Tokyo Stories - Live At Billboard 2010" captures the great live atmosphere and the energetic and incredible response from everyone that had the chance to enjoy the band live on stage.

Bonus Videos:  Here are two performances from the Tolyo Stories DVD, "Breakout" (slow)/"I'll Be There" and "Stoned Soul Picnic".

Swing Out Sister's Website
Swing Out Sister's Facebook
Swing Out Sister's Twitter


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