Saturday Video Fun: Gabrielle Aplin - So Young, So Talented - Home (2011) & Never Fade (2011) & On Your Knees (2010)

The Power of Youtube: Gabrielle Aplin is a singer-songwriter from Bath, England who has used Youtube and her talent for music to build a following and music career without any record label in sight. She posted her first videos to Youtube at age fifteen. Most of her videos were cover songs recorded at home. By sixteen she was attracting a significant audience with covers like "The Liar and the Lighter" (You Me At Six), which now has well over 500,000 views. Her website describes her as:

At nineteen, Gabrielle Aplin is the self-taught; self promoted singing, piano and guitar playing internet sensation. With beautiful vocals and a raw talent for song writing, Gabrielle is evolving as the most in demand online music artist.

This is no overstatement. Now nineteen and in college, Gabrielle has released three EPs, all of which are available here in the US at Amazon and iTunes. She has sold out her last several tours of the UK and she was just booked to open for Gotye on his tour of Europe that begins next week.

So far, Gabrielle has posted 106 videos, her Youtube channel has 42,488 subscribers, and her videos have a combined total of 7,836,016 views. Here's one more.

Gabrielle Aplin's Website
Gabrielle Aplin's Facebook


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