Carly Simon & Ben Taylor - Family Therapy on the Howard Stern Show, 6/19/08

Carly Simon and Ben Taylor visited the Howard Stern show this morning along with David Saw and Carly's band to perform "You're So Vain" and to talk about Carly's new record, This Kind of Love.Here is the segment in its entirety. You have never heard an interview quite like this. Warning for sensitive ears, this is uncensored satellite radio.

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Ben Taylor

David, Ben, Carly

This Kind of Love(Hear Music, 2008)

Carly Simon's myspace.
Ben Taylor's myspace.
Sally Taylor's myspace.
David Saw's myspace.
James Taylor's website.
Livingston Taylor's website.
Kate Taylor's website.
Howard Stern Show website.
Sirius Satellite Radio website.

P.S. Here's a nice flashback courtesy of lupine22 on youtube.


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