Saturday, July 09, 2005

Live 8 Done Right (MTV & VH-1, 7/09/05)

The VH-1 portion of today's rebroadcast is on now and initial indications are that they are doing everything right today that they did wrong last Saturday. Annie Lennox, whose face was not even seen in last Saturday's telecast was just shown doing her set from London, followed by Keane who last Saturday only had an excerpt of their hit make the show; today we got the full Keane set, with no interruptions, no hosts, and no commercials. After reviewing today's broadcast in full, I'll summarize it in detail. Sincere thanks to MTV & VH-1 for deciding to do this; it will be great to have these performances in full broadcast quality as opposed to the more limited video stream on the computer. With Bono and Bob Geldof proclaiming last Saturday's concerts successful in their purpose to influence the G-8 conference, this presentation of the music provides a nice celebratory closure for the event.

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