Sunday, October 30, 2005

Images of Imogen - Imogen Heap Live at the Canal Room, NYC, 10/30/05

Imogen Heap played to a packed house at New York's Canal Room tonight and words are hard to find to describe how great her performance was. During the 75 minute set, time literally seemed to stand still, and I was totally knocked out by the total artistry of her performance.

I have to admit that when Dave first sent me to her website, I wasn't quite sure what he was on about, what with the somewhat strange name and the bizarre look of some of the images. Which really only proves that first impressions can be meaningless, as in just a few short weeks, her new album Speak for Yourself (which will be released this Tuesday November 1st) has not only totally taken over my car player but has quickly established itself as one of the best albums of the year. And as good as the record is, it only hints at the musical capabilities of this extraordinary artist. Here are some pictures from tonight's show. I'll be back to post the setlist soon. Remember to click on photos to enlarge.

The instrument above is called an mbira, an African instrument that creates a uniquely compelling sound which Immi uses to great effect in several songs.

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