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And We Danced - Filming the Hooters Video, 7/27/85

WXPN Most Memorable Musical Moment #4 "And We Danced" (picture sleeve above) was released in 1985 as the second single from the album, Nervous Night , the Hooters' major label debut for Columbia Records. Here's the video. The call went out to the Hooters' mailing list the last week of July 1985 that an audience with cars would be needed on the coming Saturday for a video shoot. Participants would report to the Exton Drive-In by late morning and be prepared to stay all day until after dark. This stage set, early in the day, was a warm-up for the crowd and probably a dry run for the production team for the night-time performance to be filmed later. The banner backdrop does not appear in the video. Some of the antique and custom cars that were on hand for the shoot. The production crew prepares the ticket booth for its shot. This is the film crew shooting the acoustic intro part of the song. The acoustic intro was shot twice, first with t

Now Spinning in Heavy Rotation (in my head)

Out west you might refer to a beach vacation as "going to the coast" but here in Philadelphia when we hit the Jersey beach, we're "down the shore". One of many favorite shore activities is a morning bike ride, no portable music device so as to enjoy the sounds as well as the sights. In the absence of recorded music, the iPod in my head takes over and for the past week the following tunes have been spinning in heavy rotation. Sharon Little - "Spaceship" from Drawing Circles (2006) Sharon Little was so completely captivating when I first encountered her performing with partner Scott Sax at a singer-songwriter showcase last month at Puck, that I have since jumped at the chance to see her twice more. She was equally amazing performing with a full band at WXPN's XPoNential Music Festival, opening the last day of the festival on the Marina Stage. The stars aligned a few days later to see her again, this time at Cafe Vivaldi in NYC with Scott and a piano

Cream and Blind Faith at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, 1968 & 1969

WXPN Most Memorable Musical Moment #3 (L-R) Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, & Eric Clapton I could not have foreseen it at the time, but looking back on a concert going history now entering it's fifth decade, my first three concerts were absolutely formative in the development of the music obsession that has driven life as we know it from that point forward. Attending a rock concert pre drivers license was no small feat, that I even got to these shows is the first indication that I knew I was onto something even if I couldn't quite explain it. I've already detailed my first concert (The Beatles at JFK Stadium) in my MMMM#1 . My second and third concerts took place at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, they were less than a year apart, and due to the fact that concerts never end at the time predicted, these concert experiences both ended with a very angry driver stuck waiting in the car outside the venue until the last encore had finished. I shot both concerts with the same starter