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The Best Music of 2016, Album of the Year: Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker; Plus My Picks for the Top Ten and Top 50 Albums of the Year

Photo courtesy of Leonard Cohen I don't know what it was about 2016 that caused such a plethora of quality music, just like the way that the article on Christmas releases quickly got out of hand with the quantity, I had to pass on more good records than ever before just to get down to a top 50 of the year. My choice for album of the year appears directly below. Following that is my top ten. So how did I choose the top 10, you might ask? The one thing that each album in the top 10 has in common is that each has the goods to be the album of the year, if not for the Leonard Cohen LP. Which is not necessarily saying that one album is better than another. End of the year lists like this one are highly subjective; they only reflect the preferences of the writer. In my case, these are the records that drove me wild the most this year. Forty more albums follow to complete my top 50, and the remarkable thing about each of these forty albums is that any one of them could have place