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Taylor Swift - Folklore, 2020; A Most Unexpected Pleasure

Photo courtesy of artist "I'm not necessarily a fan, but I'm liking this new album." Stop me if you've heard this before, especially since last Friday, July 24th when Taylor Swift somewhat surprised the music industry with the release of her new album, folklore . Swift, the wordsmith, mostly stays within her comfort zone, which is the travails of love and friendship. Leave it to the Swifties to analyze song-by-song, but an early favorite for me is "Betty", a song that seems to hark back to Swift's early days with its concern for who did what and said what at the party. Not to diminish the importance of those events to the participants, but for the rest of us the appeal is akin to those kissing booth movies on Netflix. Maybe considering the unpleasantness of reality just now, this type of entertainment might be the perfect escape. All that said, I do like everything about this record. I like the soft style of the songwriting. I like the unclutt