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Rumer's Next Album Will Be A Collection of B-sides & Rarities

Photo courtesy of Rumer Rumer's next album will collect the B-sides, bonus tracks, and singles from her British releases to date. This is excellent news for Rumer's American audience because her albums have been released here only after 3-4 month delays. Special editions, singles, and EPs are only available here as expensive imports. The following is the text of Rumer's recent posts to her FaceBook page. January 8 at 5:04am I'm compiling a B sides and Rarities Cd for all those extra songs that I've recorded that don't appear on the standard album versions of Seasons, Boys and Into Colour... What is your favourite b side or rarity that I have recorded? ( I can't get any of the Daryls House music licensed unfortunately) January 21 at 2:04pm Working on the B sides compilation Cd artwork with the lovely Rhiannon at Warner. Cover is looking really nice! Photo by Miles Witt Boyer Rumer's Website Rumer's Facebook Rumer's Twitter

Ed Sheeran - X, I Missed This One in 2014, Thinking Out Loud Video

Ed Sheeran - X The following was posted last night on my Facebook page: A friend just received this song from a guy she is dating. I listened to the Ed Sheeran album when it came out, but I somehow missed this song. What a beautiful song. And what is extra cool about this is that the younger generation which is not supposed to care that much about music, is expressing emotion with music. There isn't anything better. You go. On the day that X (Multiply) was released in the US, I gave it a listen all the way through. I knew he was big in his native England so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. His second album, X, came out with the media anointing him as the next big thing. On that first listen I didn't hear it, maybe I was distracted. It goes to show that first listens can be deceiving. Last night when I heard "Thinking Out Loud", it sounded totally new, totally fresh, and quite beautiful. Here's the video. When I said Ed Sheeran was big in En