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The Best Albums of 2012

Photo courtesy of Bruce Springsteen In With the New, In With the Old :  From about 1975 to 1988, Bruce Springsteen pretty much owned my turntable and later CD player, his records were great, his concerts were greater, but since then not so much. So it's a huge and unexpected thrill to see Bruce atop this list. We've always a had a giant soft spot for new and independent singer-songwriters, and they are well represented (#4 through #9), but we have never had so many oldsters on a year-end review. It's amazing how many artists who have been around for 30+, 40+, or even 50 years (the Beach Boys), released albums this year that rival the best work of their careers. Here are my picks for the best albums of 2012. 1. Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball Listen to "Wrecking Ball" It Takes a Village, Baby:  The death of Clarence Clemons left a giant hole in Bruce Springsteen's band. The loss of keyboard player Danny Federici a few years ago also necessitated a