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Will Lee - Love, Gratitude And Other Distractions, First Solo Album in Twenty Years for New York's Premier Sideman

Love, Gratitude and Other Distractions With all due respect to James Brown, Larry Braggs, and anyone else who has a legitimate claim to the title, Will Lee may very well be the hardest working man in show business. Will is a New York bass player who has played with possibly more artists on more albums than any other musician (more major artists and major albums too). I don't know if anyone keeps track of these things; his album credits are way too numerous to even count, but his press agent puts the number at about 1,700. Seriously. Click on his discography and scroll down to see the albums he's played on. Here's a sample of artists he's worked with, either as musician, singer, songwriter or producer: Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Al Kooper, Laura Nyro, Cat Stevens, Donovan, James Brown, Barbra Streisand, Cher, Chaka Khan, Carly Simon, Ronnie Spector, the Brecker Brothers, Steely Dan, Diana Ross, George Benson, Earl Klugh, Gloria Estefan, Pat Martino, Bob James, Dav

The Golden Age of Television is Now:  the Return of Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead, and Homeland

I'm excited about three of my favorite television shows coming back with new episodes, proving that excellent writing and acting can make a show awesome, even if you have zero interest in the subject matter. Such is the case with all three of these shows; insanely great writing made me obsessively love them. Which is why this is the golden age of television; a good series is far superior to most new movies. A truly great series has no peer in entertainment. Breaking Bad:   When I watched the first episode of Breaking Bad, my initial thought was that I had no interest in watching a show about a chemistry teacher making crystal meth. During episode two I started to get it, by episode three I was hooked. Now I can't wait for the final eight episodes to start tomorrow. This week I've been re-watching the first eight episodes of the fifth and final season, which just became available for streaming at Netflix. As I learned during the latest season of Game of Thrones, shows