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Original Cast Recording - Girl From the North Country; Reconsidering Bob Dylan: The Man, The Myth, The Broadway Musical

Todd Almond, cast, 'Girl From The North Country',  Matthew Murphy via Deadline Playbill magazine describes it as a "jukebox musical." That very concept suggests the type of Broadway show that is well liked and potentially quite profitable; shows like Mama Mia (Abba), Movin' Out (Billy Joel) or Beautiful (Carole King).  Girl From The North Country , according to Playbill, had its world premiere at the Old Vic in London followed by a run in the West End before coming to America, where it played at the Public Theater.  Girl From The North Country made its Broadway premiere on March 5, 2020, opening just in time for Broadway's Covid shutdown. The show is scheduled to resume on October 13, 2021 at the Belasco Theater in NYC. Right on time comes the newly released original cast recording.   Although I have not had the pleasure of seeing it, I think that it would be safe to say that the Bob Dylan songs are meant to advance and enhance the narrative of the play, w

Sting - ...all this time (DVD, 2001); A Sublime Concert And All The 9/11 Documentary I Need

                                                                                                                                 YouTube Remembering 9/11 indeed. This will not be one of those articles about how it's hard to believe that it's been 20 years, etc., etc. Only if you were born in the new millennium would you have a use for all those television specials about remembering 9/11. If you are old enough to remember that day, you know that it's far more than just a "where you were at that moment" story. Those images of the crashed airplanes are burned into the brain along with the incredulity that two planes could destroy the Twin Towers and that anyone could have plotted to kill Americans here in the homeland on that scale. I saw enough detail at the time that the memories remain fresh, and I've learned in the past nineteen years to avoid watching television on or about September 11th. Gems From The Record Room:  The choice of date was pure happenstance.