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Renaissance - Live at The Union Chapel 2015, Now Available on DVD and Audio Download, "Ashes" Still Hot Four Decades On

Photo courtesy of Renaissance Forty years ago, I was privileged to meet the members of Renaissance when they visited the studios of WRHY-Starview for an interview prior to their show that night at Franklin & Marshall College. They have probably long forgotten that media stop, among the many they must have made back then, but their trip up the mountain to our station building in central Pennsylvania is indelibly etched in my mind. As the evening DJ it was my pleasure to sit in and take part in that interview. Over the years, Renaissance has weathered many changes; changes in audience (welcome next generation), the record industry (hello Kickstarter), and changes in personnel (rest in peace Michael Dunford). Over the last decade, Annie Haslam (with keyboardist Rave Tesar) reassembled Renaissance with original member Michael Dunford on guitar. Together they did a successful tour that included complete performances of two of their most beloved albums, producing a double live CD

Shannon LaBrie: War & Peace; Nashville Singer-Songwriter Delivers Strong Second Album, It's As Important As It Is Enjoyable

Shannon LaBrie has just released her second album, War & Peace. Her debut made my Top Ten list as one of the best albums of 2013 . Back then I was knocked out by LaBrie's songwriting skill and her sweet and soulful voice. As much as I thought of that debut, I find that I'm liking the new one even more. War & Peace had me at track one "It's Political". This song rocks, it's loaded with hooks, and the lead guitar work is so good that Justin Ostrander just became my new hero. Plus, it has lyrics that mean something. In this crazy election year where up is down and down is up, these words could not be more apropos. It’s political It’s so ridiculous, So cynical You must believe that we’re invisible And we’ve got nothing to say It’s political Superfrala egotistical Every word is so predictable Every promise you make CHORUS I want a prodigy Someone honest with integrity A fairytale in this democracy I’m gonna move out west Bury all my hope in Kansas I’