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Eilidh McKellar - Fresh New Blues Rocker from Scotland, First Single "Summer Daze" Just Released

Photos courtesy of Eilidh McKellar Finding talented new singer-songwriters is one of my driving passions in life, and there are so many good ones surfacing, every day it seems, it's hard, no, it's impossible to listen to them all, much less write about them. Direct Current Music does such a great job at this, that they are pretty much the web's authority on new singer-songwriters, and I think that DC would agree that the UK has been especially blessed with talent. Just when it seems like you've heard so much folk, chamber-folk, neo-folk and alt-folk that it all starts to blur, along comes Eilidh McKellar, a nineteen year-old singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Edinburgh, playing electric, guitar-based rock that is utterly without affect, like a breath of fresh air, blowing in from Scotland by way of California. Or Louisiana. Her name Eilidh is of Scottish and Gaelic origin and is pronounced "Ay-lay". She has just released her first single, "Summe