I love this video, Emma Stevens - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (2014)

I can't believe I love this video so much. The concept is really simple, anyone could do it, and yet it seems unique because the trend now seems to be making ugly videos. First, I love the beautifully simple arrangement of voice and acoustic guitar. This gentle version of the bittersweet Christmas favorite goes down easy. What really strikes a chord with me is the visual: the trees, the street, the leaves, the winter's day and the girl, perfect photographic composition.

Yesterday Emma posted this video on her website and social media, with the message, "Hey everyone!! I just wanted to wish you a really wonderful Christmas. Thanks so much for all your support this year. I am SO EXCITED about touring next year and seeing you all again very soon! Masses of love, Em xxx"

Emma Stevens is a gifted pop-folk-country singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Guildford, England. Thus far, she's done two albums, Enchanted (2013) and Waves (2014), and a number of EPs. She is an established songwriter and she cut her teeth playing with bands such as fiN, H- Boogie, Ronit, The Kooks, Mona, Feeder and Incubus. Her latest single is "Gold Rush".

Photos courtesy of Emma Stevens

Emma Stevens' Website
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