Kaki King - SXSW, Stubbs, 3/11/08

In addition to the crazy performance schedule of SXSW, there's a party list that runs 27 pages of printout. BMI's welcome party at Stubb's featured Kaki King and Mike Farris. We didn't have time to stay for both but we did see Kaki debut some songs from Dreaming of Revenge,her new CD released today.

Kaki has expanded her repertoire over the years since she debuted with an amazing fingerstyle guitar technique that involves all ten fingers playing up on the neck of an acoustic guitar. She still does that, but now she also plays electric guitar and lap steel guitar, she sings, and she has a backup guitarist who joins her on some songs.

Stubbs has indoor and outdoor stages, and is a venue that will be hosting SXSW events nonstop over the next four days. Stepping outside after Kaki King, this mobile venue was parked in the lot across the street.

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