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Lelia Broussard - World Cafe Live, 1/25/07

It hardly seems like six months could have passed since the last time I saw Lelia Broussard play, but her first show of her own at the World Cafe Live was an excellent opportunity to both start the new year off with some good live music and check in to see what Lelia's been up to. Not counting the new hair color, the answer to that question is clearly songwriting, as her set was loaded with great sounding new songs. She's also got her band really sounding great as the combination of Lelia on acoustic guitar, Jef Lee Johnson on electric guitar, Chico Huff on bass and Myra Casales on percussion has been working together so long now that they easily get a musical groove on that all parties seem to really enjoy. Every once in a while someone in the band including Lelia might do something different that surprises and delights the others, which just adds to the groove. That the audience gets to come along for the ride makes coming to one of her shows such a total pleasure. She opened