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Ari Hest & Liz Longley, New Hope Winery, New Hope PA, 11/22/2014, Watch Two Superlative Singer-Songwriters Share the Stage

Photo Courtesy of Ari Hest Ari Hest - Less Ari Hest and Liz Longley played a superb show at the New Hope Winery on Saturday night November 22, 2014. The Winery features great sight lines and the lighting and sound are excellent. This was an inspired pairing considering that during each set the thunderous applause seemed to indicate that the sold out crowd was there just for them. The Winery books a lot of great artists, the only drawback being that sometimes tickets can get rather pricey. However on this night, the Winery crowd was treated to two immensely talented singer-songwriters for the price of one. Ari Hest did a thoroughly enjoyable set which drew liberally from his sixteen year career and featured songs from his latest album, Shouts and Whispers, his eighth. I would be hard pressed to name a favorite from that album (they all sounded great live), but if forced I would have to name "Less". Watch the video above, and several more songs from his set below.

Savour the Sweet, Slightly Subversive ALT-POP of Tamaryn On Her Latest Album Cranekiss

Photo courtesy of Tamaryn Tamaryn Brown, the dreamy voiced purveyor of shoegaze, who records under the name Tamaryn, has just released her third album, Cranekiss. Based in New York, the New Zealand born singer has created a sound that is both soothing and bracing; on first listen it is apparent that this is something completely different. In an interview with Eve Barlow (Noisey: Music by Vice), Tamaryn says, "I believe that creativity can heal life trauma; it's a form of therapy," she says. "If you do it well you can heal other people with similar negative experiences. I want to master that art." Read the highly interesting interview . The slightly dirty guitar sound of her last album has been replaced by something more refined. Tamaryn comes out of your speakers with a psyched up, slowed down, early Madonna vibe and has a sound that at times reminds of Aimee Mann's 80's band Til Tuesday ("Voices Carry"). There are also some delicious tou