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ARW - Keswick Theater, 10/16/2016; Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin & Rick Wakeman Do Yes Proud, Plus Lots of Tour Video

ARW, Orlando, FL, 10/4/2016. Photo by Dan Higgins ARW played the second of two sold-out nights at the Keswick Theater in Glenside on Sunday, October 16th. The last twenty-five years or so evaporated as ARW played two hours of prime Yes music at its best. More about that in a moment; first, some history. Yes logo by Roger Dean For a little over a decade (1969-1981), Yes wrote and recorded a truly inspired body of work. From '71-'73, Yes produced a string of albums that were so perfect, so creative, and so virtuosic that they stunned their audience with this music, which they have been playing ever since. The Yes Album , Fragile , Close to the Edge , and Tales From Topographic Oceans literally defined the term "progressive rock". Yes began with their first album simply titled Yes (1969) and followed with their second album Time and a Word (1970). Their starting lineup was Jon Anderson-vocals, Chris Squire-bass, Tony Banks-guitar, Tony Kaye-keyboards, and