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Strawbs, Sellersville Theater, 11/10/2017, Early Show; Progressive Rock is Alive and Well

Photo by Matt Condon via File this one under live music that I never thought I'd see. For what seems like the last decade, the Acoustic Strawbs have been periodically touring the U.S. I've thought about going more than once and although some of their music would lend itself well to the acoustic treatment, you really need the full band to do justice to the Hero and Heroine type material. The Strawbs have reassembled the full electric band and they are now out on tour. The Strawbs are Dave Cousins (founder) on lead vocals and acoustic guitars, Dave Lambert on guitars and vocals, Dave Bainbridge on keyboards and guitar, Chas Cronk on bass, and Tony Fernandez on drums. All five are consummate musicians; when they play, the music is extraordinary. Cousins' voice is so uniquely distinctive that when he sings you would not mistake this band for any other. They opened with a very impressive and weighty track, "The Nails from the Hands of Christ",

Nora Jane Struthers - Sellersville Theater, 10/28/2017; Struthers and Her Band Played Two Sets at Sellersville Showcasing Her New Album, Champion, and Much More

Photo courtesy of Nora Jane Struthers Saturday night October 28th: When I got home from the concert, I posted the following to Nora Jane Struthers' FaceBook page: Thank you Nora Jane for bringing your show to the Sellersville Theatre tonight. I have wanted to see you live ever since falling in love with your last album, Wake . In addition to the great songs, there's something about that record which gives it a good time bar band vibe. After missing you at the Steel Stacks in August, I wasn't going to miss this one. It was a fantastic night and your live show puts it all in perspective. Thanks also for coming up to say hi. It was a great night of music and everyone there enjoyed the heck out of it. With no opening act, Struthers played two sets. The first set was drawn largely from her latest album, Champion , and from Wake , her previous record. What attracts me to this artist even more than the excellent songwriting, production, and vocals by Struthers, is the e