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Why Wawa

People often ask why use the Wawa logo as a web icon. Those who live in the mid-Atlantic states already know, but for those who must settle for Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, I'll explain that Wawa is a chain of convenience stores selling many items that make their customers loyal to the point of obsession, not the least of which being their excellent coffee. Wawa coffee is great tasting, is priced lower than the other coffee chains, and what really makes their customers go out of their way to find a Wawa is the fact that twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, every Wawa store has a bank of about a dozen hot coffee pots from which you can pour your own cup and fix it how you like it at a well stocked self service counter offering all manner of milk and sweeteners. You can also buy packaged Wawa ground coffee that brews up at home tasting just as good as at the store. Once you get past the coffee, there are other products that also make Wawa customers obsessive. Wawa brand ice

The Best CDs of 2005

1. Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself (RCA) Prior to October 2005 if someone had said "Imogen Heap," I would not have even known that they were referring to a person, much less the musical artist who was about to deliver the best cd of 2005 with this gem of a record that unexpectedly and quickly put my cd player in a headlock, so to speak. The multilayered vocals and instrumental complexity fully realized the potential of the best written set of music I've heard in a long time. That Imogen recorded and produced the record herself at home may have made the end result all the more impressive, but seeing her perform her music solo with keyboards and computers was the element that I found totally stunning, and still compels me to listen to this cd more than any logical rationale could explain. 2. Tina Dickow - In the Red (Finest Grammophone) Tina Dickow's third full length cd finished in a virtual dead heat with Imogen at the top of my heap for 2005. I don't think I hea