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One from the Heart (Zoetrope, 1982) Is a Better Movie Than You Think; A Stellar Soundtrack Composed By Tom Waits and Sung By Waits and Crystal Gayle Is a Big Reason Why

  Images courtesy of Zoetrope Studio Gem from the Record Room and from the Movie Shelf:  Francis Ford Coppola wanted  One from the Heart to be a simple romantic comedy, ostensibly the antidote for his then latest film Apocalypse Now; a ntidote in the sense  that it was intended to be everything that  Apocalypse Now was not. No one would ever accuse Coppola of not thinking big, so perhaps it was impossible for him to make a small picture. For starters, he tried to make  One from the Heart at the same time he transformed the then vacant  Hollywood General Studios, that he had just bought, into the Hollywood home of Zoetrope. Even though the story of  One from the Heart  all takes place in one night in Las Vegas, every scene required the construction of a set there on the lot. As if that weren't enough, Coppola conceived a new kind of electronic filmmaking in which storyboards for each scene were recorded on videotape. The video could be reviewed and revised in real time. These dream