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Joe Walsh - Analog Man (2012), First New Album in 20 Years, Due June 5th

Analog Man [CD / DVD Combo Deluxe Edition] Fellow blogger Charlie from Bloggerhythms emailed this week to say: "As a long time Joe Walsh fan I thought you might like this". The link led to a blog called isorski's musings and a post about the new Joe Walsh single, "Lucky That Way", to which Charlie commented, "nice. I like it a lot. The old Joe is back" . Check it out in this live version from Joe's website. We're with Charlie and Isorski on the new song, we like it too. They did an amazing bit of arrangement and production to get the sound close to Joe's old James Gang song "Midnight Man" off James Gang - Thirds. Listen to "Midnight Man" We might be a bit more enthusiastic about the new album, had we not already heard the first single, the title track. It's not that "Analog Man" is necessarily a bad song but Joe seems to be in somewhat of a songwriting pattern since "Life's Been Good", writ

Shayna Zaid & The Catch Update - Lighthouse Album Released, Band Hiatus Announced

Lighthouse The good news is that the legal issues have been resolved and the Lighthouse album by Shayna Zaid and the Catch is now available at Amazon and iTunes . Here is the message Shayna sent from Malaysia to announce the release last month: Once upon a time... in New York City, there lived a band; A group of incredibly talented boys and a curious girl with an itch for adventure. Two years later, after taking to the streets and sharing their collaborations, they entered the studio to produce their first album with a man named John Agnello. "Lighthouse" was born in December 2010 but was later taken in by the red tape of a commercial legal battle and was held hostage for an entire year. One year later.. Lighthouse will be free to finally see the light of day. April 18th, 2012. We hope you'll be here with us. Listen to "Lighthouse" Lighthouse is a beautiful piece of work and this is terrific news. Click here for the full review with additional tracks. Today, in

Jess Morgan, Folksinger & Songwriter from Norwich, England - Aye Me (2012)

Jess Morgan is a folksinger, songwriter, and musician from Norwich, England. In labelspeak, she might be described as Laura Marling meets The Civil Wars, but she is much more than that. Let's meet Jess Morgan out on the balcony. That clip tells you almost everything you need to know about Jess Morgan. She's an inventive, original songwriter, a dynamic guitar player, an engaging performer, and she's got a beautifully distinctive voice. The song she sang for Balcony TV is called "Well Dressed Fellas" and it comes from Jess' new album, Aye Me, her second. It has been a real privilege to get acquainted with this record over the last couple of months. Aye Me The first thing you notice when you put this on is the pure and relaxing sound of the acoustic instruments, well recorded in open, uncluttered arrangements. The album was beautifully produced by Jess and Tom Hartley Booth, who also played on it with Jess and Edwin Ireland as follows. Jess Morgan - Acoustic Gui

Courtney Barnett - I've Got a Friend Called Emily Ferris (2012), Cool Music From Down Under

Dispatch From Melbourne : Yesterday we were checking out an interesting music site from Australia called The Ripe . After listening to a few things and dipping our toes into the Melbourne music scene, we ran across Courtney Barnett, a songwriter, guitarist, and singer from Melbourne who has just released her debut EP, I've Got a Friend Called Emily Ferris. Courtney would prefer to think of her music as genre free, but when pressed, she'll call it "stoner/slacker/garage-pop". I've Got a Friend Called Emily Ferris Listen to "Lance Jr.: "Stoner/slacker/garage-pop" works for us. The more we listened, the more we liked it and we were about to pick it up at Australian Bandcamp when a quick look at Amazon (U.S.) revealed that they have it on MP3, and moments later it was spinning in iTunes. Courtney sounds a bit like Juliana Hatfield, but maybe a more apt comparison would be to The Grabs, Eleni Mandell's garage band side project. Like The Grabs, this i