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Dot Allison, Heart-Shaped Scars; The Surprising New Release That You Really Need To Hear

  Photo courtesy of the artist When the publicity email announced that there would be a new Dot Allison album coming this summer, I knew right away that I was interested, but I could not say exactly why or even tell you what she sounded like, her last record being so long ago (12 years, to be exact). Thinking back, I associated her with being the figurative ancestor of such pop/rock/electronic artists as Imogen Heap, Kate Havnevik and the like.  In addition to her solo work, Allison is known for her group One Dove, whose only album was well regarded . Although her older work has become hard to find, a quick sampling of what's out there confirms that my conception was not far off.  All that is interesting, but it doesn't begin to prepare you for the excellence of Allison's new album  Heart-Shaped Scars . They call this folk and it may well be, but despite the overused hyperbole of the word, this sure sounds like it could be genreless.  I was also excited to learn that she co