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The Best Albums of 2013 - The Top 10 and More

I've decided that I'm not going to say that this was a good year for music. I say that every year and it's getting boring to lead with that, year after year. Fact is, I've been at this music thing roughly, well, let's just say since the Beatles hit America, and I can't recall a bad year for music. So let's dive right in. Here are my choices for the ten best albums of the year, followed by the rest of the albums that excelled in 2013. 1. Tess Henley - High Heels & Sneakers Listen to "Daydreamimg" A Perfect Storm :  Before we go any further, I've got to say that "Daydreamimg" completely knocks me out. It's a perfect storm of exquisite songwriting, singing, instrumental performance and production. Tess was already having some success in her native Seattle with a solid album and an EP, when Dice Raw from the Roots entered the picture. "After Dice Raw heard her music, he took an immediate interest in the young talen