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Black 47 After Hours (2021), Some Very Special Invited Guests Interpret the Music of Black 47; "Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained"

Photo courtesy of EMI/Black 47 To celebrate the band's 30th anniversary, Black 47 have released a superb tribute featuring seven guest artists who each recorded their choice of Black 47 song. Just one problem, leader Larry Kirwan disbanded Black 47 five years ago after they celebrated their 25th anniversary as a band. They had recorded a final album and gone out on a highly successful farewell tour with the last show broadcast live on the radio.  Fast forward to 2021. Even as a long term listener to Kirwan's Sirius XM radio program Celtic Crush, After Hours came as a bit of a surprise. Kirwan recently played the Screaming Orphans' version of "Sleep Tight in New York City," and while I was tracking that down I made the happy discovery of After Hours . When I asked Kirwan about the genesis of the briliant concept and execution, he replied: "The concept came from Pete Walsh of The Gobshites and Jon BirgĂ© of Valley Entertainment. I merely suggested some of the