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The Best Albums of 2014, Album of the Year: Rumer - Into Colour, The Top Ten & More

Photo courtesy of Rumer. Here are my picks for the ten best albums of 2014. In a little departure from past years, we will start with my choice for the album of the year, then the rest of the Top Ten, in alphabetical order. Following that, we offer 40 more, for the complete Music & More Top 50 albums of the year. Album of the year: Rumer - Into Colour Listen to "Dangerous" Rumer could be the musical child of Burt Bacharach and Karen Carpenter. Into Colour is a luxurious collection of original songs that blend the best of sixties pop into modern songcraft and the result is a beautiful listening experience produced by fiancee, musical director, and pianist Rob Shirakbari. This album fully realizes the potential Rumer displayed on her first two albums; every track is a winner. I could seriously listen to this all day long. Into Colour was released November 10th in the U.K. and Europe. U.S. listeners can buy the download directly from Rumer's webstore or usi