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Lily Elise, Soul - Pop Songstress, Watch/Listen to Three Excellent Tracks from Forthcoming Debut EP, Taken

There is a friend with whom I like listening to music; her taste nicely complements mine. I'm albums, she's singles; she's pop, I'm rock; I'm soul, she's rap; she's hip-hop, I'm jazz; I'm folk, she's dance; she's country, I'm country(!). We enjoy listening to Sirius XM where she is Pop2K and Utopia while I'm Deep Tracks and The Loft. I'm 50's, 60's, and 70's; she's 70's, 80's, and 90's. We come together in The Blend and The Bridge. I knew that she would like Lily Elise so I showed her the video of "Generator" on the day it was released; she bought the track later that day. Truth be told, I love that song too. Lily Elise combines well crafted pop, rock, soul, and electronica in a way that blurs genre lines and gives her unlimited crossover potential. Think Imogen Heap meets Rihanna, or maybe America's answer to Jessie Ware. The "Generator" video has amazing cinematography;