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Saturday Video: Lelia Broussard - Scared To Feel (2008), My Heart's A Cannonball, Live at WCL, 11/20/2012

Photo courtesy of Lelia Broussard Lelia Broussard is a singer, songwriter, and musician who is so blessed with songwriting and performance skills that she is one of the best we've ever seen, and though it may be hard to believe by looking at her, we've been enjoying her music and following her career for a good seven years now, and she's been at it even longer than that. She has a gift for melody and her lyrics go straight to the heart. As on this great tune from her Waiting on the 9 EP. It's got a full band arrangement and production that is letter perfect. Here's "Scared to Feel". Video credits: Director: Noah Davis Producer: Carli Posner well as the Director of Photograpy: Nate Havens Art Direction Nicolas Kelley World Cafe Live, 1/25/07 We're still feeling the glow from seeing Lelia sing this week at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. It was a last minute gig on Tuesday night and she played some songs from her latest album, Masquerad

Saturday Video: Chrissi Poland - Possible (2012), First Single from Forthcoming EP, Reckless Ones

When she's not zig-zaging around the globe, singing with the Scissor Sisters, this year Chrissi Poland has been writing, arranging, and recording songs for a new EP, Reckless Ones, financed via Pledgemusic . The first single, "Possible" was released last week to pledgers and, if it sounds a little different from her last album, well, you don't spend the last two years singing the Scissors' ultra-infectious party music every night, without a little of that magic seeping into your blood. Here's the video. About her new EP, Chrissi writes: As we all know, with everything in life there is a balance that needs to be found in order to be truly present and give the best parts of ourselves to the world and to one another. Creating this music has helped me to move closer in finding balance and offering up the truest corners of my heart. Photos and production stills from the video shoot are courtesy of Chrissi Poland. The video was directed by Dylan Steinbe

The Return of Saturday Video Fun: Rae Morris - Grow (2012), Grow EP Due 11/18

Photos courtesy of Rae Morris Exquisite Songcraft Beyond Her Years: Rae Morris is a massively talented new singer-songwriter from Blackpool, England. She's got a voice as big as her amazing red hair. She is all of nineteen and just released her first single, Don't Go, last March. On November 18th, "Grow" will become her second single and lead a three track EP. We've seen one too many promising singer-songwriters from the U.K. get signed and in the effort to make them the next big thing, heavy-handed label production loses sight of what made the artist special in the first place. Fortunately this has not yet happened to Rae Morris. Her exquisite songwriting is getting artful production. Here's the video for "Grow". Rae Morris - Grow (EP) Rae Morris - Don't Go Rae Morris' Website Rae Morris' Facebook