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Watch Texas Play Live in Zurich, at Energy Fashion Night, 04/19/2013

It's great to have Texas back together and active again, and one of their appearances during the run-up to the release of their new album was Energy Fashion Night in Zurich, Switzerland. Fortunately, the video cameras were there to catch the performance amid the somewhat surreal parade of runway models. Watch Sharleen get (rightfully) annoyed as the crowd sits on their hands while Texas rips out hot live versions of "The Conversation", "Summer Son", and "Inner Smile". Texas are in top form, enjoy it. Photos courtesy of Texas Texas' Website Texas' Facebook Texas' Twitter

Without Gravity Frontman, Kalli Wows With New Single, "Road Trip" Feat. Kirsten Proffit, Plus New Album, Last Train Home (2013)

"Road Trip" Feat. Kirsten Proffit These are great times for music lovers. If you're willing to filter, the search is constantly rewarding, where something great can be lurking behind each click of the mouse, each email that lands in your in-box might contain the music that you won't be able to stop playing. Such was the case recently when Thad from Broken Arrow wrote to tell me about a new single by Kalli featuring vocals by blog favorite Kirsten Proffit. So I followed the link to a Soundcloud page where the song was streaming. Listen to "Road Trip" Feat. Kirsten Proffit The Reykjavik - Los Angeles Connection :  Kalli was the singer, guitarist, and leader of Iceland's Without Gravity, a band that released one album, Tenderfoot (2005), a beautiful set of American country rock-influenced, Icelandic folk rock. Since going solo, Kalli has done two solo albums, While the City Sleeps (2007), and the just released Last Train Home, more about that belo

Halsey, the Next Generation - In Which Zach Meets Leo Kottke

Zach Halsey & Leo Kottke (Photo by Deadra Key) Letter from Austin: In 2005 I wrote about Doug Halsey , a music enthusiast and humorist who had a special love for the music of Leo Kottke. I met both Doug and Dave Curtis at Earlham College where we all worked together at the college radio station, WECI-FM. We loved inspiring each other with great musical finds and marathon sessions of Name That Tune. Doug was already into Kottke by the time we met in the early 70's. I remember that when we first received My Feet Are Smiling (live album, 1973), Doug put it on for us right there in the station, imitating Kottke in the first song, "Hear the Wind Howl" where he's playing a mile a minute, then says "I don't have a tempo." Listen to "Hear the Wind Howl" Speaking of Kottke's voice, Dave recalls that Doug "would always put on that crazy Kottke imitation (that low drawl) and say "now, what I'm gonna do" -- which I gu