Wawa: Great Coffee, Great Muzak

Not only does Wawa sell the best coffee on the planet, not only does Wawa sell the best diet iced tea on the planet, not only are they open 24 hours/day with many convenient locations in the mid Atlantic states, not only do their locations with gasoline sell it at the lowest possible price, but now Wawa officially has the best muzak I've ever encountered. Up till now I've occasionally felt sort of stupid for enjoying the baby boomer oldies that play over the sound system in every Wawa store, but today while I was pouring my late afternoon cup of steaming java, I realized that I was hearing Valerie Carter's version of Ooh Child (the old Five Stairsteps hit) from her Wild Child album (1978), one of the best and most overlooked albums ever. This album was my holy grail to find on CD for many years until I finally found a Japanese pressing at an affordable price in Montreal some years ago. Way to go Wawa.

Wawa Website: http://www.wawa.com/
A Talk With Valerie Carter: http://www.james-taylor.com/features/carter/


Gee Money said…
I agree. They are playing cool music. I'm presently trying to find a song I heard yesterday. Great muzak is right. I wish I could find a wawa site with their playlist.

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