Tina Dico, The Living Room, NYC, 9/27/05

Tina Dico performed at New York's Living Room on Tuesday night as part of a short U.S. solo tour. Having become known on this side of the Atlantic as a result of joining the British group Zero 7 on their latest album When It Falls(2004), she has so far released a six song EP here, Far(2004). In her home country of Denmark she has just released her third full length album, In the Red (2005), which is currently awaiting worldwide release.

Having seen Tina perform in New York City last year with Zero 7 and also solo at Joe's Pub, after tonight's show I can safely say that this girl's got it all. She writes great songs, accompanies herself well on acoustic guitar even when she clearly would prefer a full band arrangement on certain songs, and she sings with a clear pure voice that commands a room. I could also comment on her looks, but I'll let these pictures do the talking. I will admit that I looked hard to find a flaw but could not. It's always hard to get past the superficiality of a post-set meet and greet, but she did seem naturally friendly and down to earth. Is is possible that a person could really be this perfect?

At Joe's Pub last year she opened for Teitur and although her performance was impeccable, I was at somewhat at a disadvantage having never heard any of her solo work prior to that show. Tonight was infinitely more rewarding now that Far and In the Red are both well familiar, with In the Red currently riding high on my list of the best albums of the year. I'm anxiously anticipating hearing the first two Danish albums.

She opened with "My Mirror" and "Give In" both from In the Red. Next was "Home," her Zero 7 song, then came "Break of Day" and "Warm Sand," both from Far with the latter also appearing on In the Red in a somewhat different version. Next were two superb songs from In the Red, "Beautiful View" and "Nobody's Man" which kills me every time I hear it and it was wonderful even without the full band you hear on record. She ended the set beautifully with "Back Where We Started" from Far.

She was called back for an encore which is somewhat unusual at the Living Room given the format of their performance schedule. Tina commented that she hadn't even prepared an encore song because the last time she played here they turned on the house music as soon as she finished her last song. She thanked the packed room with "The Long Goodbye" from In the Red. Tina Dico's performance tonight was a total jaw-dropper and it's fair to say that she deserves a far greater audience than is now aware of her prodigious talents.


Anonymous said…
Fantastic pics! thanx for share with us! :)

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