WXPN's 885 Greatest Artists - The Countdown Starts Monday

The votes are in and are being tabulated for WXPN's listener survey to determine the 885 Greatest Artists of all time. The on-air countdown starts Monday. The format for the playback has not been announced yet, but there's always some great radio when xpn breaks format for these countdowns. If you're not in the WXPN broadcast area, you can listen to the online stream here.

The 885 artists list by design will include a huge selection of artists, much larger than either of the last two countdowns which each included multiple songs or albums by a given artist. Things could very well sound a little nutty on Monday at the bottom of the 885; I'll be glued to my radio for the duration.

Check out and participate in the xpn discussion boards which always heat up during the countdown, with real time critiques, reaction and tears as the results are revealed. Also check out xpn's staff and artist picks, and xpn's music blog. My picks are here. Listen and enjoy!


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