Flipping the Sirius Satellite Dial, 6/22/07

A couple of songs caught my ear this morning while channel surfing Sirius satellite radio. Mutya, formerly of the Sugababes has a new song called "Real Girl" that is built on the string riff from Lenny Kravitz' "It Ain't Over Till It's Over" which will insinuate itself into your brain if you hear it more than once, a testament to the songwriting power of the original. She's no slouch vocally, either. If you spend any time checking out BBC1, you won't be able to avoid it, seems to be in heavy rotation now, resistance is futile so here's the video from YouTube, courtesy of bkmassive.

Mutya's myspace.

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On a more serious note, Sirius Disorder (channel 32) played a great new version of Bob Dylan's "With God on Our Side" by Gurf Morlix. Give a fresh listen to Gurf performing it live, as posted to YouTube by mopacmedia. In his intro he makes the excellent point that this song "is every bit as relevant now as it was forty years ago when it was written, maybe even more so".

Gurf Morlix' website.
Gurf Morlix' myspace.

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