Melody Gardot Makes the Jump to Lightspeed

Worrisome Heart - U.K. Release

After many months of major label dancing, Melody Gardot has signed with Universal for both the U.S. and the U.K. According to her recent email announcing this, she will soon go into the studio to record her next album with producer Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Madeleine Peyroux, Julia Fordham). In addition, Universal is releasing Worrisome Heart in the U.K. on November 5th with a new cover, shown above, remastered with a new song sequence minus "Wicked Ride" which has been dropped. Melody will be peforming at the London Jazz Festival, playing the Pigalle Club in London on November 21st. If you're in the U.K., don't miss her.

Worrisome Heart is a truly superb piece of work and this success could not be more well deserved. Here's hoping that Melody can safely navigate the shark infested waters of the major label music business and make it all work for her. Cheers and all best wishes to Melody as she leaves her Philly Local days behind.

Buy Worrisome Heart in the U.S. at the Awarestore

Melody's website.
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Charlie Ricci said…
Good luck to Melody who deserves all the success she is hopefully about to receive. While her CD is good I think she is even better live. Her show should not be missed! If Ms. Gardot uses the same band on her forthcoming sessions that she has used in concert recently the album should be a knockout.
George Fiala said…
Dear Mr. Kates,

Just wondering if I know you... I worked at Starview possibly a little before you, I used to play the first two Springsteen albums there. I worked with Ray Manlove and Dennis Fulton, and now live in Brooklyn, NY, and frequent the Rockwood, Mercury Lounge and some of the other places you mention.

Best Regards,
George Fiala

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