Hilary McRae - The Living Room, 4/10/08

Hilary McRae came up from Boca Raton, Florida to play a set at the Living Room last night, previewing her upcoming first album, Through These Wallswhich comes out Tuesday April 15th on Hear Music/Stone Road Records. Hilary is quite accomplished as a songwriter, is a fantastic singer, and she brought a great sounding band to the Living Room, including a three piece horn section.

Hilary plays a nice blend of rock, pop and soul graced with some excellent guitar work and a very tight horn section that adds the flavor of classic Chicago or Earth Wind & Fire to the mix. The rhythm section of bass and drums are as tight as the horns. Centering all this, Hilary plays keyboards and sings and boy does she ever sing.

Listen to "Consider Me Gone"

The net result is maybe a higher energy brew than you might expect to find in your neighborhood Starbucks CD rack, but as the first new artist to be signed by Hear Music, Hilary finds herself in the rarified company of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Paul McCartney on the label. The half dozen songs she played at the Living Room suggest that Hilary's talent is formidable, that the CD will be well worth a listen, and that we will undoubtedly be hearing lots more from Hilary McRae.

Here's the first single, "Every Day (When Will You Be Mine)".

Through These Walls(Hear Music/Stone Road Records)

Hilary McRae's myspace.
Hilary McRae's website.


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