Kate Havnevik Releases New Single "Halo" to Preview New Album

Listen to "Halo"

Kate Havnevik has just released "Halo" as a single, available now on iTunes, to preview her second album, now in the final stages of recording. As on her first album Melankton,which was one of the highlights of 2006, she's again working with producer Guy Sigsworth, and is currently putting the finishing touches on the album for release later this year.

Kate's sound has an occasional similarity to that of Imogen Heap, the common denominator being Sigsworth, who has worked with both of these fine singer/songwriter/musicians; and while their songwriting is distinctly different from one another, the sonic reference points in common work to make both artists' recordings a listening delight.

Photo by Vicky Dawe.

Kate Havnevik's myspace.
Guy Sigsworth's myspace.


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