M&M Minimix #3 - Missing The Unpronounceable

Songs for the Long Drive Home (2007)

M&M Minimix #3 - Missing the Unpronounceable

Hard to believe it's been a year now since The Unpronounceable did their farewell show. One of their songs popped up during an iTunes random shuffle yesterday; giant "Whoaaa!" moment when I looked it up just now to see that yesterday was exactly one year to the day since that farewell show, May 9th. My iPod does stuff like this all the time and with thirty-some thousand songs on it, there's no expectation that a song by The Unpronounceable would necessarily ever turn up. Yes I know that if truly random, every song has an equal chance of coming up as any other song, but the way that the shuffle does things that seem anything but random, all the time, is a subject for another article. In any case, that was enough to warrant a fresh spin through their last release, the double live CD, Songs for the Long Drive Home. Which you can now download for free.

First up in the mix are "Andy's Oxtails" and "Stayin' Alive" both from the live album, concluding with "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" the last song from their last studio album, Viva Los Beefalos!I'm sure I'm not the only one who seriously misses the countrifunked jazzabilly, the awesome musicianship, the great originals, the fabulous cover songs, the sarcastic sense of humor, the long nights of great live music with three sets lasting into the wee hours, the family drama, the band drama, the fan drama, the Funhouse in Bethlehem, the Franklin Tavern in West Orange, the bartender at the Franklin Tavern & the pizza, and most of all the shows that were more like house parties with family, friends and great music. I only came in at the end for about the last year of their run, but in that short time, the whole Gustavson extended family all made me feel like one of their own. I really miss these guys.

Viva Los Beefalos! (2005)

The Unpronounceable's myspace.
The Unpronounceable's website.


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