Jackie Bristow in the Studio, 7/19/11

Jackie Bristow, SXSW, 3/18/09, Submerged, Austin

A few weeks ago, Jackie Bristow went to Shreveport, Louisiana to record at Brady Blade's studio. The next day she posted the following video of the song she recorded there.

That's Brady Blade on drums and Chris Thomas on bass providing a real nice sound. Look for this cool new song to be on Jackie's next album. Longtime readers may recall that Chris Thomas also played bass with Brady's brother Brian Blade who played drums on Chrissi Poland's sessions for Songs from the Concrete.

Jackie Bristow is a talented singer-songwriter who is originally from New Zealand. She first moved to Australia to pursue a music career and currently lives in Austin, Texas. I first heard and met her at SXSW 2009. Jackie's latest album Freedomis her third and was released earlier this year and is also quite nice.

Jackie Bristow's website.
Jackie Bristow's Facebook.


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