Shayna Zaid & the Catch Sounded Great on WXPN

Shayna & the Catch - Lighthouse

This morning I was listening to Sleepy Hollow on WXPN as I've done on the weekend for more years than I will admit. The concept of Sleepy Hollow is quiet music for weekend mornings. The hosts do an amazingly eclectic show and they draw from a musical repertoire that is wider than anyone I've ever known, myself included. So I was listening to the show and the following song came on.

Listen to Untitled #13

I was enjoying the simple arrangement of acoustic guitars and voice, when I realized that the voice I was hearing was Shayna. For as many years as I've known Shayna, I knew that one day I would hear her on the radio, but still it caught me by happy surprise. I was so excited, I knew I had to share it here. Host Chuck Elliott said it was new music by Shayna & the Catch, and that the new album had a couple of hidden tracks on it and he played Untitled Track #13.

Lighthouse is their new album which is due out in the fall. It's a beautiful piece of work, a full review is in the works. Enjoy this little preview of the bonus track. There are several more advance tracks from Lighthouse that you can listen to at their website. While you're there, check out their tour schedule; in addition to playing frequently in the New York area, they also play colleges around the country. If they ever come near you, you must go see them live. They have a great live set, Shayna is a really special singer and performer, and her band are all exceptional musicians.

Shayna & the Catch Website
Shayna & the Catch Facebook
WXPN Sleepy Hollow Website


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