Saturday Video Fun: Lana del Rey - Video Games & Blue Jeans (2011)

Lana del Rey may be American born and raised, but her career first caught fire in Britain where tickets to her first London show (tomorrow) sold out in 30 minutes. Even though her single was just released October 10th worldwide, she was already a star across the pond based on the video for Video Games which was posted online back on July 10th.

In the month since the single's release, Video Games has reached number one on the iTunes sales charts in nine countries, and number three at U.S. iTunes. Lana made the video herself, editing together various clips with footage of her singing the song.

Lana del Rey is not her real name. Born Elizabeth Grant, her dad came up with her stage name, intended to evoke the glory days of Hollywood glamour. The single is listed on her web site as a double A-side single; the other song is Blue Jeans. A full length album is due early next year.


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