Bruce Springsteen Serves Up American Beauty EP for Record Store Day 2014; Bruce Opens Dallas Concert 4/10 with Van Halen's "Jump"

For Record Store Day, Saturday, April 19th, Bruce Springsteen is releasing a new four track EP, American Beauty. The 12" vinyl EP will be released exclusively to record stores in a limited edition pressing of 7,500, the list price is $20.00. The four songs are new originals, all previously unreleased. On Tuesday, April 22nd, American Beauty will be released as an MP3 download at Amazon.There is no information about a CD release.

1. "American Beauty"
2. "Mary Mary"
3. "Hurry Up Sundown"
4. "Hey Blue Eyes"

"Springsteen had around 20 songs recorded during the High Hopes session that failed to make the final cut. "American Beauty" and "Hurry Up Sundown" were both leftover demo tracks that he didn't end up recording with producer Brendan O'Brien. The other two songs according to Springsteen, "Mary Mary" and "Hey Blue Eyes", were recorded during the Magic and Working on a Dream sessions, respectively.

"Springsteen said "they're just good music that didn't get onto this record, and was sitting there. I thought it's a nice time to support the record stores, which are dwindling and get some new music out at the same time""(Wikipedia).

Listen to "American Beauty"

On April 10, 2014, Springsteen opened his concert in Dallas, TX with an amazing cover of Van Halen's "Jump." The following video, courtesy of runawaydream on Youtube, has "Jump" then it goes right into "Badlands." Remember that all current Springsteen concerts are available to download in their entirety at the incredible bargain price of $9.99 per concert.

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