Lissie, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA, 5/25/2018; Castles Is "A Whole Relationship In An Album"

Photo courtesy of Lissie

Out on tour to publicize her new album Castles, Lissie played the downstairs venue at World Cafe Live on Saturday, May 25th. With the tables and chairs removed for the show, most of the good sized audience was standing and dancing with the general admission arrangement. Lissie played a crowd-pleasing set that included seven of Castles' thirteen tracks, as well as ten more from her three previous albums.

The setlist below includes which album each song came from. If you are comparing the setlist below to the photograph of the actual setlist, you may notice that a song is missing; Lissie called an audible mid-set to skip "Meet Me In The Mystery" from Castles. The new album, one of her best, was well served by her set selection, which had a good balance of old and new. I may be in a minority when I say that I go to a show like this hoping to hear the newest release as well as some old favorites. Artists don't need to apologize for playing their newest material.

Watch the new album's title track, "Castles".

Setlist: Click on the linked songs to watch

01. Blood & Muscle [Castles]
02. Feels Good [Castles]
03. Hero [My Wild West]
04. Shameless [Back to Forever]
05. Further Away [Back to Forever]
06. When I'm Alone [Catching a Tiger]
07. Castles [Castles]
08. Oh Mississippi (Intros Band) [Catching a Tiger]
09.Love Blows [Castles]
10. Shroud [My Wild West]
11. Sand [Castles]
12. Boyfriend [Castles]
13. Best Days [Castles]
14. Don't You Give Up On Me [My Wild West]
15. Little Lovin' [Catching a Tiger]
16. Everywhere I Go [Catching a Tiger]
17. In Sleep [Catching a Tiger]

Personnel: Lissie accompanied herself on guitars, except on the tracks from her new album which she just sang, as she did on the record. She said that she has been living in the midwest, where she assembled her band.
Dayton Brock - Keyboads, guitar, vocals
Toni Lindgren - Lead guitar and vocals
Megan Mahoney - Bass and vocals
Luke Anderson - Drums

Lissie - Castles
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After a few spins, I consider Castles one of Lissie's best. Philadelphia was the next to last stop on the tour to get out the word. In this age of streaming, downloading, YouTube, and using your phone to listen to new music, it is enormously heartwarming to have an artist who still believes in the album as an art form. While introducing the title track, Lissie said this: "I put out a new album about two months ago, it's called Castles, and if you haven't seriously spent time with it, it's a little different but I'm very proud of it. If you listen to it from the very beginning to the very end, like preferably tonight you should definitely buy it on vinyl, take it home, have a little glass of red wine, listen to it from start to finish because it is truly like an entire relationship in an album. It's a story; it's meant to be heard as a body of work."

Many thanks to Bev Kates for camera work and to Lindsey Mitchell for video production.

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Dave the Rave said…
Awesome, Bill. You’ve been a big fan of Lissie since pretty much the beginning so I was curious what you had to say about the new album and the current live set. I agree that this is her best since the debut. Thanks for taking the time to post — and to Bev for the audio/visuals.

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