New Ebba Forsberg Released in Sweden, 9/05/06

Ebba Forsberg has just released her self-titled third album in Sweden. Known in the U.S. primarily for her excellent first album Been There (1997), this intense singer-songwriter from Stockholm released her 2nd album True Love (2001) in Europe only, although it is currently available here digitally via The following description of the new album was posted on Ebba's MySpace blog by her MySpace Guru.

Greetings all --

The new EBBA FORSBERG album is out today in Sweden! Reviews have been wonderful, feedback exceptional. Written by Ebba (words and music) and recorded either in her living room or in the studio together w/ her talented backing musicians, the album is both an amazing personal statement -- deep and dark -- and an exquisite musical adventure. As you have noticed with the tracks here on myspace, the voice -- ahh the voice -- is assured and knowing, the melodies simple and straightforward, the instrumentation warm and uncluttered. This is the heart of the musical creative process, and it presents itself as what it is -- songwriting and musicianship that have the confidence and ability to stand without pretense.

I urge you to spend time with these songs, let them soak into your skin, haunt your memory. The melodies and lyrics will linger long after. An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) video that features interview and selected in-studio videos will surface in the video section once I, the Ebba Myspace Guru, have mastered and maneuvered the technical aspects of what we know and love as myspace. For now, listen again. More songs will be posted soon. Forward the page to friends...let them know your taste is truly exceptional. Spread the word. This is how it works. Be part of it.


Well said EMG. I've heard the record and couldn't agree more; I'm still somewhat haunted by the last track, "Deep Denial" ("This is me in deep denial", indeed). Update - Ebba's EPK is now posted on her MySpace page or you can link directly to it at YouTube.

All photos © Ebba Forsberg, 2006.

Been There (1997)

True Love (2001)

Visit Ebba's website.
Visit Ebba's MySpace page.


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