Pacifika - Asunción (Six Degrees Records, 2008)

Checking out some new music recently with Dave from Direct Current, this track by Pacifika caught my ear.

Listen to "Sweet (Radio Mix)"

Suggesting a mix disc concept of songs that are described by their title, "Sweet" comes from Pacifika's album Asunción,recently released by Six Degrees Records. This Peruvian/Canadian threesome is distinguished by a most interesting mix of musical influences and the very appealing vocals of Silvana Kane; described on their website thusly:

Pacifika is the multi-talented Silvana Kane, a Peruvian born singer, re-formed pop sensation (West End Girls), and accomplished actress with a love of flamenco, electronica, and textured percussion; Adam Popowitz a Canadian bred guitarist adept at new wave, classical, and pop, and a skilled producer responsible for a catalogue that includes indie rock and Armenian folk music; and Toby Peter, a dub wise bassist born in Canada and raised in Barbados, explorer of jazz, hip-hop, Latin, metal and Caribbean grooves.

Together the Vancouver based trio is making a new kind of global pop, music that nods to its diverse international influences, while forging its own unique voice. Jazz infused and Latin tinged, marked by gently flowing melodies, deep grooves, waves of cracking percussion and the occasional burst of exhilarating guitar noise, Pacifika's comfortable, complex sound defies categories, creating soothing soundscapes held together by Kane's smooth, intimate vocals.

Check out Pacifika's website for a free download of "Me Cai", here is the video.

The website player offers up four songs from Asunciónwhich is more than enough to conclude that the full length CD will be well worth a listen.

Pacifika myspace.
Pacifika website.


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