Shayna Zaid - Rockwood Music Hall, 6/11/08

Shayna celebrated her birthday last night at Rockwood with her full band and a packed house of adoring friends, family, and fans. Having only just encountered Shayna for the first time about five weeks ago, getting to know her music in the meantime has made my appreciation for this gifted singer and songwriter grow exponentially.

Here's "Take Your Time" from this show.

Shayna's excellent band is anchored by her producer Jay Deasel on guitars, Emek Rave on bass, Christopher Heinz on drums, and also features Yan Izquierdo on violin, and Brendan O'Grady on piano; the piano and violin combining to add a most pleasing texture to the sound on the full band arrangements.

Listen to "It's You".

"I Remember" opened the show, and while the acoustic version of this knocked me out the last time here, the full band version totally killed. There was an amazing amount of love in the room for Shayna, and she reciprocated with an awesome set that included "Love", "Room for Love", "I Need an Answer", "Please Stay", "Take Your Time" (as heard on The Young and the Restless) Shayna sang this with only Jay's accompaniment on acoustic which you can see in the youtube clip above, "It's You" (one of the most beautiful love songs ever), "Made for You" and "Kiss and Make Up" to close the show in great style.

Shayna is currently recording many of these songs and more for her U.S. debut CD, but many of them are currently running on the player on her myspace page so head on over and have a listen. As should be obvious from the photos here, Shayna is one of the most photogenic singers as well as being one of the most musically gifted. Enjoy the rest of these shots from last night's show and remember to click for a larger view.

Shayna Zaid's myspace.


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