Saturday Video Fun: A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas (2011)

If you "like" the Calvin & Hobbes page on Facebook, you get a daily quotation from either Calvin or Hobbes posted to your news feed. Yesterday, in lieu of the usual words of wisdom came this video treat from the C&H folks.

Calvin & Hobbes was a beloved comic strip that ran in most daily newspapers from 1985 until its author, Bill Watterson retired in 1995. One of Watterson's favorite themes in the wintertime was to have Calvin create scenes with snowmen, and one was more twisted than the next. This video is credited to Jim Frommeyer, Teague Chrystie, and Bill Watterson. The music is "Winter Wonderland by Perry Como.

As a bonus video this week, we have the opening scene from the classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas, music by Vince Guaraldi.


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