The Return of Saturday Video Fun: Rae Morris - Grow (2012), Grow EP Due 11/18

Photos courtesy of Rae Morris

Exquisite Songcraft Beyond Her Years: Rae Morris is a massively talented new singer-songwriter from Blackpool, England. She's got a voice as big as her amazing red hair. She is all of nineteen and just released her first single, Don't Go,last March. On November 18th, "Grow" will become her second single and lead a three track EP. We've seen one too many promising singer-songwriters from the U.K. get signed and in the effort to make them the next big thing, heavy-handed label production loses sight of what made the artist special in the first place. Fortunately this has not yet happened to Rae Morris. Her exquisite songwriting is getting artful production. Here's the video for "Grow".

Rae Morris - Grow (EP)

Rae Morris - Don't Go

Rae Morris' Website
Rae Morris' Facebook


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